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Jan 10, 2013

Er... we're back? I always said it was going to be irregular. But the podcast constipation is over and... this metaphor is going to no place that's good. Let's stop.

I recorded this back at New York Comic Con, where I talked to Al Ewing about the revenge-thriller villain-protagonist creature that is Jennifer Blood 17. We pick apart its double-page-splash structure, Splash ends, whether Splash-ends is a porn term, physical size's relation to dramatic size, ethics, the king of the New York piss porn circuit, sound in dialogue to create momentum in sex scenes and - oh my! - this is really all about sex and craft. And death. Really, it's primarily how great Kewber Baal is.

You can buy JENNIFER BLOOD from your local comic-shop or digitally from Comixology.

And you can find the show notes here.