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Aug 30, 2013

Decompressed is a sporadic podcast about comics craft. This time I’m talking to Kris Anka, Ming Doyle and Jamie McKelvie to talk about the art of character design. It’s a visual medium, so this stuff is absolutely paramount. Ming’s designs are central to her wonderful MARA with Brian Wood, Kirs’ designs are all over X-Force and McKelvie has (damn him) has sent more cosplayers rushing to their sewing machines than any artist working today. We cover the whole topic, in terms of how they specifically approach the choice, their favourite designs, the question of plausibility, specific costume designers, Emma Frost’s clothes pyre, my inability to say “Segue”, the horrific idea of how I’d redesign Batman and on and on and on. Join us! It’s not rubbish.

You can find the show-notes here.